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Small Business Chat – with me!

ooOOooh, get me! I have been interviewed! Next stop, Parkinson 😀

Liz Dexter of Libroediting recently invited me to take part in her Small Business Chat series, where she looks into why and how freelancers and other small business owners start – and continue to run – their own businesses. 

Find out more about how I got into bid writing, why I’m so committed to my business and what I (sometimes) get up to in the afternoon in the full interview on Liz’s website:

Small Business Chat – Lyndsey Michaels


More about Liz and Libroediting:

Liz is a small business owner and writer who is passionate about supporting other small businesses and encouraging people to realise that you don’t have to jump into self-employment with your eyes closed; she started the Small Business Chat series as part of her business and language blog in June 2011, checking in with her interviewees every year, and has created a resource full of different people’s experiences of self-employment and running a business. You can find the full index of all of her interviews here

More information on Liz’s books, including ‘How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self Employment: Going it Alone at 40’ and ‘Running a Successful Business after the Start-up Phase or, Who are you Calling Mature?’ can be found here.

I first met Liz via Birmingham’s lively social media scene; in a city with over one million people, the myriad real-life connections – first formed online – help make Birmingham feel like a close knit community. 

Liz’s company Libroediting is based in Birmingham, UK. She works with clients all around the world, offering a tailor-made proofreading, copyediting, typing, localisation and transcription services. 


– Thanks Liz, it’s an honour to take part! 🙂



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