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New Year – New Opportunities w/c 05/01

Happy New Year! 

Some interesting opportunities from TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) to start the year off – visit TED directly to find even more.

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Contract Production of Horticultural Development Company (HDC) News Editing, Production, Publication and Distribution of HDC news, with additional requirements for up to 6 sector review reports and Growing in Britain article.
This grower-focussed, technical journal provides levy payers and wider horticultural industry with news and features on AHDB activity, HDC-funded research and development, events, publications and news on practical advances in research techniques.
In addition, HDC News also presents news on non HDC-funded research and developments providing readers with clear and concise industry, scientific or commercial information from the UK and internationally.
Deadline 27/02/15
Authority Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Value £750,000 to £800, 000
Contract type/ duration 48 months


Contract Broadwalk Borders Projects – Perennials and Grasses The goods required are the supply and delivery of plants to Kew Gardens. The plants and quantities are divided into three lots. The lots are as follows:
— Lot 1 – Perennials: container size P9,
— Lot 2 – Perennials: container size 2 litre +,
— Lot 3 – Grasses
Deadline 27/02/15
Authority Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Value £100,000 to £150,000
Contract type/ duration Starting 14.6.2015. Completion 31.7.2016


Contract Safety and Workplace Supplies The provision of safety and workplace supplies. The Framework Agreement will be divided in to 5 lots:
— Lot 1 — Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment,
— Lot 2 — Work Wear,
— Lot 3 — Work Tools,
— Lot 4 — Traffic Management Equipment,
— Lot 5 — Janitorial and Cleaning
Deadline 02/03/15
Authority CORMAC Solutions Ltd
Value £3,380,000 to £4,056,000 overall
Contract type/ duration Framework – 48 months


Contract Provision of Personal Protective Equipment and Work Wear. Supply of PPE and workwear for Sovereign’s trade operatives, housing and development staff together with corporate tailoring for reception and sales advisors. Sovereign will work with the selected provider to select a design and colour palette for work wear and corporate clothing in accordance with its brand guidelines
Deadline 02/03/15
Authority Sovereign Housing Association Limited
Value Not stated
Contract type/ duration 48 months


Contract Concession for the Development of Advertising Billboards on Council Land and other new Advertising Initiatives. Salford City Council has an exclusive licence for the development of advertising billboards on Council land and has the authority to offer organisations the rights to develop advertising structures on new sites. The purpose of the concession is to provide a mechanism to select and approve suitably qualified contractors to be party to a formal concession agreement, which will govern the allocation of licenses to permit the development of individual outdoor sites.
Deadline 31/08/18
Authority Salford City Council
Value Not stated
Contract type/ duration Framework – 48 months


Contract Sharps Pad and Associated Goods. Maximum number of participants to the framework agreement envisaged: 25
Deadline 23/02/15
Authority NHS Supply Chain acting as agent for NHS Business Services Authority
Value £4,200,000
Contract type/ duration Framework – 2 years


Contract Provision and installation of bus shelters and/or the management of advertising on the shelters and their cleaning and maintenance Split into three lots.
Lot 1 for the supply and installation of bus shelters.
Lot 2 for advertising on bus shelters (managing advertising campaigns hosted on bus shelters) plus maintenance and cleaning of bus shelters.
Lot 3 is for providing the shelters, managing the advertising, maintenance and cleaning.
Companies may submit a bid as an individual company or in partnership with another company, however one company would need to be specified as the main contractor for payments and contract management.
You can submit an offer for Lots 1 or 2 or the combined Lot 3, according to your company’s area of expertise.
Deadline 23/02/15
Authority Maidstone Borough Council
Value Not stated
Contract type/ duration Not stated


* Deadlines may refer to time limits for expressions of interest, requests to participate, receipt of full tender or other, as published by TED. Please see the published contract documentation for further information.



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