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Testing out live(ish) webchat

As part of a client project, I'm testing out a live webchat facility here, mostly so I can get my head around it in practice and not just theory! So, if you're on my site and you see 'Let's Talk' in the bottom right hand corner, say hello! Bear in mind that this is just a testing phase, and there's only me and the dog here most days - 'live-ish' is probably the best I can guarantee right now!
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New site now live! (As you can see)

I am so pleased to be posting this on my lovely new site! In no particular order, here’s what new, what’s changed, what’s left to do and – for some things – why I’ve made certain decisions with the site. If you couldn’t care less about any of that and just want to know more […]
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Announcing two new services!

This summer, I’m adding two new services to my portfolio: day training and speaking & presenting. Full blurb will eventually be found on my Services page; in the meantime, here’s what it’s all about.
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Obligatory New Year Post

New year, new me! Well, not really. Same old me, but with a different look*. I’m tinkering away in the background, giving this website a facelift. It’s funny, I was totally happy with this one right up until about a year ago and then, all of a sudden: 🙁 My plan is twofold: For you […]
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Seeking: Grant writer with Innovate/TSB experience

Bid writers: A major UK University is looking for a grant writer with experience of innovation/research funding grants and combining academic input with a business driven approach, in particular those awarded by Innovate UK/TSB. Read more:
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