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2017’s top 5 posts about bids and tenders

I'm currently planning out my 'how to' and other posts for 2018; in the meantime, click through for the links to the top five most read during 2017:  1. Top Tips - Responding to tenders 2. Where to find tenders - a list 3. Finding opportunities - how to use TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) 4. What happens when the bid writer bids for a contract? 5. Pre-election purdah and tendering And, to start 2018 off as best we can, my personal favourite: To bid or not to bid? How to work out which tenders are right for your business
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ITT – Heating Refurbishment Framework

Re-tendering for their existing place on the council’s framework, this company were wise enough not to take existing relationships for granted and wanted to submit a really competitive ITT to ensure they retained the work.
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