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Free Stuff Birthday Giveaway!

So in most offices, the person whose birthday it is has to bring in cakes and such like for everyone else. As there’s only me, a dog and two cats in my office, I’m giving away an evaluation of a past bid plus guidance worth over £250 to one UK small business. What’s included? The […]
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Writing to Word Limits – a new 3 part series

Do word limits in tenders fill you with terror or joy? My new, 3 part series will help you understand the reasons buyers impose word limits and give you tips and tricks to help you structure, polish and perfect your responses.
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Response Libraries – Pros and Cons

What’s a response library? A response library, tender library or bid library, is a set of semi-standard answers containing information you are most likely to be asked in any given tender. On the surface, a response library seems like a no-brainer – the aim is to maintain a collection of answers to previous bids, relevant […]
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