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In other news, zombies

When I’m not helping businesses plan, promote and communicate, I get involved in all kinds of other stuff. Comedy is a big passion for me and one of my plans for 2010 is to get more involved with the making of it rather than just sitting back and enjoying it.

Tomorrow brings episode five of Deadlink, a podcast available for free on iTunes, or at Being internet based, we’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

Zombies? Comedy? What?

Deadlink is the story of Moxy and his friends on a quest to find cultural objects to rescue after the zombie apocalypse. These objects will be used either as makeshift weapons or as cultural artifacts to treasure and keep safe against another undead swell or ‘corrective action’ from international powers.

Each episode, we gabble on for half-an-hour or so about the things we’ve found on our travels, and our army of listener(s) get their chance to vote on who should lead the country now that all formal government is stumbling around with bulging eyes, matted hair and rotting flesh.

It stars Mark Steadman as Moxy, Phil Davis and me, with special guest appearances throughout the series. It contains strong language*, adult humour**, discussion of violent topics and audible blood and guts. Phil and I compete to become the next leader of this new and gory world.

Deadlink supports Brum Twestival

We’re really chuffed that Deadlink is one of many organisations chucking money into the pot to help setup this year’s BirminghamTwestival, a fundraiser for Twitter types.
Last year’s Twestival went off with a real bang, hosted by ‘friend of the show’ Jon Bounds, and with headline sponsors BMI Baby and raffle prizes aplenty, this year it’s tipped to be another top night.

It all happens tonight, Thursday 25th March, at Poppy Red in Birmingham’s Arcadian. As with 2009’s outing, it’s all about raising money for a good cause, and this year it’s Concern Worldwide, a charity helping transform the poorest children’s lives, through education.

Sadly, I can’t be there myself tonight, but Moxy and a variety of other Deadlink regulars, guests and supporters will be out in force, ensuring the night will be protected from shuffling hordes so people can dig deep into their pockets in safety.

It’s £7 on the door (£5 if you book a ticket online) – why not pop along, enjoy the fun and contribute to an extremely worthy cause?

So, back to the zombies then, who’s winning?

Well.. at last count I had something like 75% of the vote *smirks smugly*. This just goes to show, I think, that there are many more ego/pyro-maniacs around than we generally assume. If you want to keep me in the lead, or give Phil some slim chance of catching up ;), you can register your vote on the website and take part in the discussions on Facebook.

*This is what happens when you get a bunch of otherwise hard working internet types together and add beer
** Some adult humour. Some very childish humour. Some humour that makes you wonder about our (or your own) sanity



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