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Social CRM: What it is & what it ain’t

I’ve been pointed in the direction of this Mashable article from back in May 2010. My thanks to Stuart Parker and Andy Mabbett, two people I know from both Twitter AND real life (I know, shocking. Who knew the two could mix?! 😉 )

I could tell you why this is a fantastic piece that’s still really very relevant this year (oh how fast our times do change) and detail all the good points made within.

But that would be a pointless rehash so I’ll let you get on and learn more about why your company needs to embrace social CRM, as well as what Social CRM is and the benefits it can bring thoughout both your organisation and its customer base.

Comments are now closed on that article but I quite fancy a bit of discussion and debate, so do leave your thoughts in the comments here.





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