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Promoting Products & Services on LinkedIn – Examples

One of the advantages of running a business dedicated to helping other people promote and develop their businesses, is having a great excuse to use my own promotional efforts as a test-bed before recommending options to my clients. As you might have noticed, I’m particularly fond of social/digital/online media, which can be really effective for business if used in the right way.

Recently, I’ve been playing, I mean, testing the usefulness of LinkedIn Company Profiles. I got excited about them in this post and have now re-jigged my own Company Profile and added a few services. Take a look here.

Mine is pretty basic right now, as I’m due a photoshoot in the next week or so – when it’s finished I’ll do a ‘before & after’ post to prove the impact of good imagery.

Now, what you see when you visit a company profile largely depends on who you are: LinkedIn gives you the option to tailor your ‘blurb’ to the type of people your products and services are aimed at and automates which ‘type’ of person sees which version. Neat, eh?

I shan’t repeat everything I said in my previous post about how this works, but I did think perhaps a few examples of how other companies are promoting their own products and services might be handy:  (…read more)


Dell have, of course, squillions of individual products suitable for all sorts of customers. Their use of clear images and short and informative descriptions makes their LinkedIn company profile fit seamlessly with their overall brand. And what about those recommendations? This is what it’s all about.

Echo Managed Services

Echo, who I recently completed various bits of work for, are using their Products and Services page to also draw attention to their research projects, by using the ‘add promotion’ feature to allow interested parties to download industry-specific white papers and drive traffic back to their main website. I also put together a profile for Echo’s sister company Hydrosave. They serve both utility companies and the commercial sector, so their promotions are very specifically targeted for each. Using their existing ‘service stream’ logos and colour-coding means their LinkedIn presence fits well with their website and other marketing collateral.

Talent Genius

Steve Smithson‘s Talent Genius company profile makes good use of video as well as a clearly set out promotion. While you’re there, check out some of their own hints and tips on how to get the best out of LinkedIn.

Think Productive

Think Productive‘s company profile has a sleek yet charming feel, using clear and colouful icons for each type of productivity workshop they run.

Clear Thought Consulting

Again, use of video – which for a company like Clear Thought is an obvious choice. Links to case studies and ‘top tips’ type content sits well with their well defined service offering.

(Think Productive & Clear Thought Consulting both via Bristol based ‘productivity ninja’ Lee Cottier).

So there’s a few examples to whet your appetite and give you some ideas for your own promotions. If you want to know more about how to do this for your own business, drop me a line (or you could make me & Talent Genius fight for it 😉 ).

Which companies or organisations do you think are using this service best? If you have a favourite good (or bad!) example, leave a link in the comments below and let me know your thoughts.

– Lyndsey



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