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LinkedIn Poll: ‘Go / No Go’ tender response policies

I’m doing more and more bid and tender writing these days (yay!) and I’ve always been struck by the amount of companies, large and small, that don’t have any formal procedure to determine whether or not responding to a particular tender is worth their while.

In particular for smaller businesses, the man-hours involved in collaboration, meetings, necessary rounding up of information and writing, results in an actual cost to the business in order to gain more business. This should be weighed up against the likely revenue that winning a contract or a place on a framework/approved supplier list will bring in AND the likelihood of winning that contract in the first place, in respect of the competition.

In 2012, I plan to offer a streamlined version of a basic Go / No Go policy to anyone who wants it, as well as develop more tailored versions for specific clients. So, for a little bit of initial research, I’ve opened a LinkedIn Poll that asks the question:

Does your company have a ‘Go / No Go’ policy for responding to tenders?


Your input is much appreciated!

I’ll also being using the results of this poll and a couple of others to write a new post about the elements a good ‘Go / No Go’ policy should include and why.

Many thanks




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