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New Service Launch: Opportunity Assessment – in collaboration with TEDs Friend Ltd

It’s no secret that collaborating with others can help improve a business’s chances of success; it can strengthen and add value to your service offering, making you much more appealing to the buyer.

And so it is with bid writing! Collaborating with other tendering and procurement experts allows me to offer additional specialist services that can help improve your chances.

To bid or not to bid

One of the most daunting and complex issues is deciding whether a bid is right for you. Ideally, this should be done before you leap into responding to a tender. No one enjoys the sinking feeling of realising – halfway through, when you’ve already invested a few late nights and more than a few staff hours – that this is not a bid you can realistically win. There are many other reasons not to bid too, for instance:

  • You don’t have the resources to fulfil the contract without significant investment (taking on more staff, buying more equipment, vehicles and so on)
  • You can’t offer a competitive price against larger competitors
  • You’re already bidding for other contracts and if they all accept, you’ll be scrambling to keep up
  • The contract isn’t truly in line with your future plans for your business – but you feel like you should bid anyway

So how do you decide?

Developing a solid ‘Go/No Go’ strategy is the first step towards minimising the risk of investing time and money into bids that go nowhere. And while that’s certainly something I can help you with to an extent, sometimes it’s a good idea to hash the whole thing out with an expert in opportunity assessment.

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That’s where ‘TEDs Friend’ comes in. TEDs Friend Ltd has developed an objective approach which gives you an honest opinion of whether a bid is winnable or not. Imagine that – no more time-wasting on the wrong bids, and more ability to focus on those that are right for your company.

Better still, TEDs Friend take a sales approach to finding opportunities and understanding buying organisations’ needs. So, even if the current bid you’re thinking of isn’t a good match, they can help you identify the right opportunities for your particular company and highlight any areas for improvement needed to get you ‘tender ready’.

Carol Hustler, MD of TEDs Friend, has a wealth of experience in helping small businesses find winnable opportunities and get ready to tender. She knows first-hand how frustrating it can be to have days of work rejected, and has spent the last 14 years working with thousands of small businesses to help them avoid this pain. Along the way she’s worked with many procurement teams in the public sector and corporate world to understand what they’re looking for so that she can provide training and advice to business owners, sales and marketing teams.

Be part of our pilot

We think collaborating will really help our clients raise their game. But we want to make sure our clients agree! Following this initial pilot, if all goes well, we’ll look at formalising our partnership with the aim of offering a distinct set of services that will bring a host of benefits to bidders in all sectors and industries.

If you’d like to know more about how TEDs Friend Ltd can help you find and assess tendering opportunities, you can contact Carol directly by email at or telephone on 020 3697 9000, quoting code LM01.

Or you can contact me and I’ll pass your details on.

Let us know your thoughts

What do you think of this new idea? Do you think it could help you clarify and focus your tendering goals? What other help would you like to see on offer? Let us know in the comments.

– Lyndsey



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