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This week’s opportunities – w/c 1st Dec 2014

Starting this week, I’ll be posting a weekly selection of interesting opportunities published via TED (Tenders Electronic Daily).

To find more opportunities to tender, visit TED directly, or contact me to discuss the types of contracts you’re looking for.


Contract Software package and information systems Lot 1 Predictive Analytics Tools
Lot 2 Alert and Intervention System
Lot 3 Student App
Lot 4 Learning Records Warehouse
Lot 5 Standard MIS data Extraction, Load and Transform (ETL) Tool
Lot 6 Activity Data Interface
Lot 7 Student Consent Platform
Lot 8 Expertise in open learning analytics to advise and support
Lot 9 Discovery stage consultation.
Deadline 24/12/14
Authority Jisc
Value £1m to £2m GBP
Contract type/ duration Framework


Contract Pathology Services Supply of an Automated Molecular Diagnostics Service required to update existing technologies for the analysis of clinical specimens for a wide repertoire of bacterial and viral targets
Deadline 31/12/14
Authority Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Value £2,750,000 to £3,500,000
Contract type/ duration 5 years with 2 optional 12 month extensions


Contract Provision of Catering Services The provision of catering services for students, staff, visitors and external clients at the principal University campus in Horsforth, North Leeds.
Deadline 31/12/14 – 17:00
Authority Leeds Trinity University
Value £2,191,200 to  £3,652,000 GBP
Contract type/ duration 3 years with an option to extend for a further 2 years


Contract Security Services Lot No: 1  White Cross Security

Lot No: 2  Lancashire Business Park

Lot No: 3  White Cross/Lancashire Business Park

Deadline 19/12/14 – 10:00
Authority Lancashire County Council
Value £500,000 to £1m GBP
Contract type/ duration 48 months (from the award of the contract)


Contract Bicycles LCC is seeking proposals for one exclusive contractor to operate Lincoln hire-bike; Lincoln’s short term cycle hire scheme based on locations in the city and along commuter routes.
Deadline 05/01/15 – 17:00
Authority Lincolnshire County Council
Value £190,000 GBP
Contract type/ duration 3 year contract with the option for 2 further periods of 12 months


* Deadlines may refer to time limits for expressions of interest, requests to participate, receipt of full tender or other, as published by TED. Please see the published contract documentation for further information.



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