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Announcing two new services!

This summer, I’m adding two new services to my portfolio: day training and speaking & presenting. Full blurb will eventually be found on my Services page; in the meantime, here’s what it’s all about.

Day training

I’m having good results with my mostly-remote coaching service, which aims to dig deeper into how each client organisation works in practice and find ways to make bidding for tenders easier and less stressful – planning ahead, figuring out who is best suited for each task and, as far as possible, eliminating the ‘all hands on deck’ deadline panic.

That said, I’m still seeing a need for traditional day training courses, held either at specific client offices or in a more ‘open to everyone’ format.

I’ve always been wary of delivering very generic training on bid writing and management. I’m still firmly of the belief that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method that works for every company. While there are skills and techniques that broadly apply to the function of writing a bid, every company has its own strengths and weaknesses, areas where more or less training and guidance is needed.

Generic training can often give delegates more information than they need on areas that are of little use to them specifically and not enough information on those areas they’re really struggling with. Example materials can be either too complex, or not complex enough, in relation to what those attending will ordinarily see in bids for their sector or specific industry. Often, it’s only when delegates attempt to use what they’ve been taught in a real life situation – e.g. right in the middle of a live tender, with a deadline looming – that it becomes clear that the training they received wasn’t specific enough for them.

My aim therefore is to deliver practical training that is worthwhile to all delegates and covers the areas of bid writing and management that will really make a difference to those attending.

In-house training

If you are pretty clear already on where your team’s skills could be improved, get in touch and book me in for some straightforward training, at your premises or off site at a venue of your choice. Typical subjects might include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding the tender process
  • Practical writing skills
  • Bid management and planning
  • Developing policies and process documents

If you’re not sure, let’s talk your concerns and requirements through and I can then pull together a bespoke training course that properly meets your needs.

Training for all

These day courses will be developed around specific subjects that reflect the most common issues SMEs face with tendering. There will be two levels of courses, the first being more in the style of a broad overview – ‘An introduction to tendering for SMEs’, for example – while the second level will cover singular or related issues in depth – ‘’Developing structure and narrative’, ‘Building your bid team’, etc.

Where I am hosting these days personally, it’s highly likely these will be held in or very near Birmingham. Also, for my own sanity, there will need to be a proven requirement for each course before I make the decision to host them (and thus bear the venue, course materials and planning costs). Keep an eye on my site for course listings when they are finalised.

If you are an existing training provider and would like to hire me in to deliver day training on your behalf, please do get in touch.

Speaking & presenting

Where training and coaching offers practical, hands on learning, speaking and presenting can be a ‘quick hit’, increasing understanding of a particular subject and/or offering easy-takeaway tips and techniques.

Usually, my speaking engagements include a presentation* and accompanying notes for delegates along with a Q&A or ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session. ‘Surgery’ style individual Q&A sessions can also be held where confidentiality is needed, e.g. following presentations to multiple organisations at the same event.

*You’ll be pleased to know that I don’t do ‘death by powerpoint’; slides are more to keep the presentation structured and easy to follow.

Presentations can be delivered on broad, overarching topics such as ‘understanding the tender process’ or they can be on specific subjects such as ‘how to write to word limits’. Events that might benefit from hiring me to speak include (but again, are not limited to!):

  • Individual company ‘away days’
  • Sector-specific business breakfasts/lunches
  • SME networking events

Presentations will be tailored to suit the audience and the organisation’s needs.

If you would like to book me to speak at your event, please do get in touch to discuss costs and requirements.

Availability & booking

As a ‘one-person band’, it’s important that I keep up with my day job of providing bid writing and associated services to my bread and butter clients.

As that work involves strict, non-negotiable deadlines, I’m committing only to a maximum of twice per month for either the delivery of training sessions or speaking engagements. Please bear this in mind and book as early as possible.


In-house training

Prices depend on the number of delegates, the number of topics and the number of days required, so do contact me for a quote based on your requirements.

Training for all

Prices will be calculated individually for each course held and issued as and when new courses are announced.

Speaking, presenting, AMAs, surgeries

Costs will be calculated on a set day rate, plus any expenses (travel, accommodation etc.).








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