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New site now live! (As you can see)

I am so pleased to be posting this on my lovely new site!

In no particular order, here’s what new, what’s changed, what’s left to do and – for some things – why I’ve made certain decisions with the site.

If you couldn’t care less about any of that and just want to know more about tendering, you can check out my Services page, find out how to write bids on my Tips & Resources page or you can, of course, just get in touch directly.

What’s new & what’s changed

Services have been split into different categories, to make it easier for you to narrow down and find the type of services you need. However, as the majority of my clients ultimately choose a combination of services, I’ve kept them all on one page for easier navigation.

I’ve streamlined my contact form, making it quicker to complete and also to reflect the new service categories.

I’ve ditched the front page slider! A few years ago, these were all the rage but in an age of animated ads and all the other distractions we’re subjected to when internetting, people now tend to unconsciously skim past anything even vaguely ad-like. My portfolio of past work now has its own page here.

Likewise, Availability now has its own page, rather than taking up space in a sidebar. If you want to book me, do get in touch.

Social icons – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – are now in the footer. I’d like to make more of my Facebook page for Q&As/Ask Me Anything type conversations, so if you’d like to join in, like my page and ask me anything!

What’s left to do

There are a few odds and sods to finish off. I want to find a more appropriate front page image but until a bolt of inspiration hits, this is the nearest abstract representation of ‘bid writing’ I can find that isn’t too horribly ‘stock photo’.

There are a couple of formatting issues to iron out – mostly bulleted and numbered lists within pages – but in the interests of getting the damn site up, these can wait until another day.

My logo needs to be sharper – it’s a little fuzzy on some screens – fixing that seems like a Friday afternoon kind of job to me.

I’m taking out all the images from my portfolio posts – now there’s no slider they don’t really serve any purpose, so they can get gone. Another Friday afternoon job.

What’s behind certain decisions

My site stats tell me that there’s been a wholesale change in the way people access my site. Just a few years ago, hardly anyone visited via mobile or tablets – now, mobile and tablet users make up the majority of visitors. The new site is built to be responsive, using Bootstrap which offers much more flexibility.

I’m still using WordPress. Mainly because I’m used to it and find it pretty easy to use. As I’m not a web developer, I don’t really need to keep up with and learn the latest big thing – WordPress works for what I need.

I’ve un-stickied my post ‘Top Tips – Responding to Tenders’ so it’s no longer the first post you see on the site. As one of my most read posts, I may live to regret this decision but, because the post is dated 2010, I felt that, on first glance, it could give the impression of a dormant site, despite newer posts being added underneath it regularly.

Your thoughts are always welcome

As much as I can determine certain things from visitor stats and so on, it’s always good to know how real people use a site and how they feel about it.

If you’re an existing or potential client and you have any comments, questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments. No sales pitches though, please.

Finally, a HUGE thank you

I’m incredibly lucky to have had access to a professional Web Content Designer, who took precious time out of his weekend to make sure every bit of the site worked, to modify various bits of code so that it functions and looks exactly how I want it to, and to make sure it went live with no problems.

My site is genuinely small fry compared to his usual vast and complex projects, so I am truly grateful – I hope the fancy milkshake I bought him for his troubles properly demonstrated that.




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