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Free Stuff Birthday Giveaway!

So in most offices, the person whose birthday it is has to bring in cakes and such like for everyone else. As there’s only me, a dog and two cats in my office, I’m giving away an evaluation of a past bid plus guidance worth over £250 to one UK small business.

What’s included?

  • The evaluation of ONE previous tender submission – successful or unsuccessful – and any feedback from the contracting organisation if you have it
  • A write up of the key issues, e.g. misunderstood questions, incomplete answers, too much/too little info, side-tracking, etc.
  • Point by point guidance for future tenders, e.g. where more points could be scored, how to highlight your USPs, what to focus on and what to leave out, how to structure your answers so you (and therefore the assessor) don’t miss anything
  • Bonus 30 mins phone time where you can ask me anything you want to know about tenders

Who wins?

I don’t have the time or inclination right now to set up a fancy, competition-legislation-compliant prize draw, so it’s first come first served.

Email me at with ‘Happy Birthday Lyndsey’ as your subject title and, if you’re the first one to land in my inbox, you get the goodies.

What if you miss out?

Everyone who responds between now and 4th June 2016 will also receive a 25% discount on evaluations. This discount will be applied to the total cost of the evaluation(s), write up(s) and guidance, for a maximum of five past tenders (when booked for evaluation together).

When will you hear if you won?

Er, today, tomorrow, maybe Monday? Definitely not Saturday because I’ll be elsewhere, celebrating. And probably not Sunday because, well, you know.






This offer is open to UK small businesses (<50 employees), including micro businesses, sole traders and startups.

This giveaway is restricted to the evaluation, write up, guidance and bonus call as outlined above and cannot be exchanged for any other services.

Tenders used for evaluation must be completed, submitted bids; blank, unsubmitted tenders or tenders not yet due for submission are not included.

Offer expires 4th June 2016. Further offers may or may not be made in future. I reserve the right to decline any responses to this offer.

Both the giveaway evaluation and any other evaluations booked with the 25% discount must be completed by 1 September 2016.

25% discount will only be applicable to those responding to this offer and is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for any other services.

I make no guarantees nor bear any responsibility for any actions taken as a result of any advice, guidance or other information shared.

Your information will not be shared with anyone else and your email address will not be added to any mailing lists or passed on to any other party.








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