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Bid writing, coaching, training and more for 2017

It’s only March, yet so far, 2017 has proven to be a bit of a bonkers year – and shows no sign of stopping. Around here, while bid writing remains the bedrock of my business, I’ve been poking my fingers into a few other pies.

So, what’s new?

More coaching

The coaching system I developed a while ago is really starting to take off. I’d expected it to take a little while to bed in to people’s understanding, as it’s so completely different to the ‘stand at the front of the class’ type training that’s usually seen with bid writing but recently it’s really coming into its own.

The benefits of coaching are numerous but the two main advantages are:

  • It gives each member of your team the skills they need for their specific part in the bid process
  • New processes for managing and responding to tenders are designed to reflect the way you already work, manage and communicate

In my official marketing blurb about it – which you can request through this form – I state that my system is ‘unique to the industry’. It still is, although some other tender services companies are now offering elements that are similar in certain ways. They say imitation is flattery, so I’m going to take that as acknowledgement that my system not only works but reflects what the industry needs. 😀

More training

As for that ‘stand at the front of the class’ style training, I plan to do more of that too. I’m always wary about how useful generic training is, especially for the client types I work with, so my aim remains to provide tailored training wherever possible rather than broader, generic instruction.

Something completely different

Bid writing is a specialism but it’s also important to keep one foot in the real world. Getting ‘back out there’ and working with organisations from a non-bid writing perspective stops me from forgetting that tenders are only one aspect of what keeps a business moving. This year, I’ve taken on a digital transformation project that involves research, system development and training as well as project- and budget-management.

It’s mildly terrifying, but I can feel a few long-retired neurons starting to limber up again and I’m enjoying the challenge.

Something completely unexpected

I’m getting married! To head off any possibility of me becoming bridezilla, we’re planning on tying the knot at the busiest time in the bid writer’s calendar – late autumn/early winter – thus giving me zero time to leap down the rabbit hole of frocks, favours and flowers. This is a good thing, both for my personal budget and for the sanity of anyone around me. I am growing my hair a bit but I figure I can do that while working.

Work wise, my business name will remain as ‘Lyndsey Michaels – Bid Writing Services’; outside of work, I’ll be Ms Double Barrelled No Hyphen.

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