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Introducing: UK Bid Writer

I’m happy to announce that, after much umming and aahing, I now have a new name for my bid writing business: UK Bid Writer.

As names go, dynamic it ain’t. But it does what it says on the tin.

For the time being, not much will change. Within the next few days, I’ll point (and other iterations) to my current website but other than that, it’ll be business as usual for at least the next few months.

However, behind the scenes I’m developing a new brand, one that I hope will help me to bring even more value to my core clients, UK SMEs.

I’m working on new services to offer and looking at how my existing services can be improved. I’ve already put in place a new quoting and billing structure for bid writing and tender-ready services, training and consultancy, which should make it easier for clients to understand exactly what they’re getting.

By the end of 2018 – hopefully well before – I will have relaunched my website and marketing strategy under the UK Bid Writer name and brand.

I also plan to reinvigorate the network I run exclusively for bid writers, the UK Bid Writers Guild, making the site much more intuitive and, as a consequence, actually useful.

Having spent the last year exploring a few non-bid writing side projects, I also have plans to offer other services to UK SMEs – practical and advisory services that will certainly help strengthen my clients’ position when tendering, but that primarily offer value beyond the bidding process.

I’m looking forward to:

Rebranding – my earlier background is marketing, comms and graphic design, so it’ll be nice to get stuck in to some good old-fashioned rebranding shenanigans again. White boards and post-its, here we come.

I’m not looking forward to:

New profile pictures! The ones on this site are around five years old and I don’t look anything like that anymore!

If you want to know more about the new brand, the new services I’ll be offering or anything else, do give me a shout.





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