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New logo: sneak preview!

I’m off to Brussels next week for the Superpowers of Procurement Data conference held by the European Publications Office (the TED people) and, as well as learning a lot, I’m hoping to meet some interesting folk while I’m there.

However, there’s still four months to go before I launch my new UK Bid Writer company name, brand and website and, to complicate things further, I also changed my surname when I got married late last year. So who am I right now, while I’m in this limbo? Someone who’s made getting new business cards to use next week really flaming complicated, that’s who.

In the end, I compromised by using my new logo and temporarily double-barreling my surname so that it’s a little more obvious that Lyndsey Michaels is the brains behind UK Bid Writer.

Anyway, here’s a first look at my new brand:



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