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Officially reducing my hours at UK Bid Writer – Lyndsey Michaels Wray

Hello to clients, old and new!

Busy times here at chez Wray – which I might get into in more detail in the near future, if it seems useful to do so.

What you need to know though is that, effective immediately*, I am reducing my core hours at UK Bid Writer from full time to mornings only.

Like any ‘best laid plans’ and certainly like anything related to working for yourself in any capacity, this new ‘rule’ is not entirely set in stone: when the work demands it, I will of course make sure my clients get the time their projects need.

But for the most part, mornings are when you will find me at my desk, responding to phone calls, emails, IMs and missives from carrier pigeons. You can always leave me messages in the afternoon (or even over night!); I will still respond as soon as possible.

What’s next?

What will I be doing with all this free time in the afternoons? Lounging on the sofa eating bon bons? Not likely. I am currently looking at other business ideas and opportunities, some related to bid writing/business development and some very much not related to tenders and contracts.

If something in this potted history of my career sparks an idea and you’d like to talk to me about potential collaboration, consulting or other opportunities do get in touch.

*actually, effective from a few months ago, I just hadn’t made it official until now – d’ya think anyone noticed…?



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