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Obligatory New Year Post

New year, new me! Well, not really. Same old me, but with a different look*. I’m tinkering away in the background, giving this website a facelift. It’s funny, I was totally happy with this one right up until about a year ago and then, all of a sudden: 🙁 My plan is twofold: For you […]
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Last chance to hire me in 2015!

I’ve got the rest of this week to help you get your tender out of the door before Christmas and then I’m off ’til 4th Jan*. If you’d like a ‘second set of eyes’ and a quick review of your bid before you submit it, get in touch today! Of course, you can still book in […]
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New Terms & Conditions for 2013

It’s hard out there at the moment for everyone, especially SMEs, and I always look for ways to reduce the cost of bid writing for my clients, offering flexibility in how the bid is pulled together to make sure it fits my clients’ budgets and helping out with advice here and there if hiring a […]
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