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I’m recording my back catalogue of written resources and adding some new stuff into a series of 15 minute-or-less podcasts, designed to help UK SMEs find the right contracts to tender for, understand the processes involved and improve their bid writing and management skills.

There’ll also be occasional, longer specials, looking into the hot topics of procurement in 2020 and beyond.

I might even invite a guest or two on from time to time *GASP*

Get in touch! If you’ve got any comments on the show, ideas or wish lists for future episodes, I’d love to hear from you.

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UPDATE 30/01/2020

Hi there, new listeners! Looks like my embedded player has conked! Perfect timing, no? Argh.

I’ll fix it (as soon as this bid deadline is out of the way!) but in the meantime, you can find everything on Soundcloud.

Or you can search for ‘UK Bid Writer’ on your preferred podcast player or find me on YouTube.

Typical! 😀

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Series 1: The Essentials

Episode 5: The anatomy of an SQ

Well, S Q’s me!

Sorry. Anyway, today Lyndsey Wray, a.k.a UK Bid Writer, breaks down the different sections of that common, yet daunting-looking procurement document, the ‘SQ’, or ‘Standard Questionnaire’.

You’ll also hear a little bit about the history of the PQQ and what it was like to be a bid writer in ye olden times.

Find out more in Episode 5 of the UK Bid Writer Podcast.


What does an SQ look like?

Here’s a PDF of the template itself:

Here’s a link to the government guidance for how contracting organisations should use the SQ:

Episode 6: Responding to quality questions [link to be updated when published]

Episode 4: Types of reponse processes

OMG. What’s an ITT or a PQQ? An RFP or an SQ?

Today Lyndsey Wray breaks down the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) you need to know.

And why is a supplier portal like a box of chocolates?

Find out in Episode 4 of The UK Bid Writer Podcast.


E1S1: Where and how to find tenders

Where to find tenders – the original list!

E3S1: What do points make?

E5S1: The Anatomy of an SQ [link to be updated when published]

E6S1: Responding to quality questions [link to be updated when published]

Season 1 recap, plus what’s coming up in 2020

As we head into the festive period, here’s a few initial thoughts on how the recent UK election might affect 2020’s procurement cycle, PLUS info on what’s coming up on the podcast after the new year.


Series 1, The Essentials: Full Playlist

Episode 3: What do points make?

One of the most baffling aspects of tendering is the points and weighting system.

And what’s MEAT got to do with it?

Here’s how to understand tender scoring and maximise points on every section of your bid.


What do points make? The original post *with easy to understand tables!* 

Episode 2: To bid or not to bid?

Responding to tenders takes time and effort. It’s essential to have a clear idea of the types of contracts that are worth your company’s time and energy to bid on.

In episode 2 of the UK Bid Writer Podcast series ‘The Essentials’, I show you how to create a flexible strategy to help you decide quickly and easily which contracts are right for your business and which ones you can safely ignore.


To bid or not to bid – the original post!

Social value – what is it and how can it give SMEs the edge?

Want to know more about my coaching service? Find out more

Episode 1: Where and how to find tenders:

There’s no one single place to find all the contracts up for tender in the UK and across Europe! Frustrating, no?

In episode 1 of my first UK Bid Writer Podcast series ‘The Essentials’, I show you how and where to find the best tenders for your business.


Procurement thresholds (new thresholds will be in place for 2020; will update as they are published on

Guide to TED

TED’s own video guides

To bid or not to bid

And finally…….

How to find tenders – The List!

Coming soon:

As the UK Bid Writer podcast rumbles into existence, here’s what’s coming up for the first handful of episodes and how to contact me if there’s a tendering topic you’d like me to tackle.


To bid or not to bid

How to find tenders

What do points make? Confusion, mostly

What a business continuity plan is and why you need one for tendering

Reusing bid content: A warning

How social value can give SMEs the edge

Are you tender ready? Five things to consider before you start your bid:

A quick 5-minute taster of the new podcast (with support from next door’s daschunds in the background 😀 ):


Developing your bid or no bid strategy

How the points and scoring system works

What a business continuity plan is and why you need one for tendering

The perils of reusing bid content