ITT – Clinical Systems Programme

ITT – Clinical Systems Programme

Following a comprehensive evaluation of past bids to identify areas for improvement, I undertook a consultative role during the preparation of a highly complex and extensive clinical IT systems bid.

The contract required the implementation of a multifaceted IT system using a variety of input and export methods, over a number of sites. Bidders also needed to effectively demonstrate robustness in terms of real time and historical data accuracy, security and user access.

The ITT was formed of numerous individual spreadsheets, each relating to a specific element of the software, hardware or services required with complex scoring and weighting mechanisms applied individually to each sub question.

Their own in-house bid manager and several members of the client’s team each provided very detailed technical product and service information. Using a collaborative approach, I evaluated and reviewed over 1,000 individual answers and provided guidance and support to help the team meet the highest scoring criteria as well as the deadline.

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