Bid writing training vs coaching: which is best for you and your staff?

Bid writing training vs coaching: which is best for you and your staff?

Bid writing training vs coaching: which is best for you and your staff?

It’s all well and good hiring a bid writer to jump in and get that urgent tender response out of the door but what if you want a longer-term solution?

There are a few options: E-learning/online courses; in-house day training; external courses; and bespoke coaching.

What you choose depends on what you and your staff already know, what you need to know more about and what your training budget is. I offer coaching and day training, as well as speaking/presenting:


I have developed and refined my coaching method over several years, in direct response to the real needs of my clients and their frustrations with traditional training methods.

Comprised of three distinct stages, my method is unique to the bid writing industry and goes far beyond writing skills – by clearly identifying the specific issues your company faces when tendering, each bespoke programme is developed to provide the skills and support you and your staff really need to drastically improve your success.

Coaching gives you and your staff on-going support and guidance before, during and after a live bid, allowing you to safely road-test and implement ways of planning, delegating and managing the workload that work best for your business.

You and your staff are directly involved in shaping the coaching experience at every stage, so that the writing and content skills you learn are directly related to the contracts you’re bidding for and the methods you use to manage the whole process are developed to work well within the context of your specific business.

With pre-planned intensive support delivered at crucial times, as well as on-going background support, you and your staff will develop the skills and expertise needed to produce winning bids and optimise the processes you use to create them.

Day Training

Practical training that covers the areas of bid writing and management that will really make a difference to your business. Typical subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding the tender process
  • Practical writing and editing skills
  • Optimising responses to gain higher scores
  • Bid management and planning
  • Developing policies and process documents

Delivered in a more traditional, classroom-style format, day training usually focuses on one or two key issues over the course of a single day or over multiple days.

In-house day training: This training is specific to your business, with content and materials tailored to the needs of your staff and your business aims and can be held at your offices or a suitable local venue.

External day training: This training is ‘open to all’ and focuses on broader subjects common to all types of tendering. It usually takes place at a known venue within a large city and places are limited to first-come, first-served. If you are an existing training provider and would like to hire me to deliver day training on your behalf, please do get in touch.

Speaking & presenting

Where training and coaching offers practical, hands on learning, speaking and presenting can be a ‘quick hit’, increasing understanding of a particular subject and/or offering easy-takeaway tips and techniques. Events that might benefit from hiring me to speak include:

  • Individual company ‘away days’
  • Sector-specific business breakfasts/lunches
  • Small business/SME networking events

E-Learning/online courses

I don’t currently offer e-learning but it’s something I’m actively looking into. If that’s something you’re interested in, let me know – your input at this early stage would be really helpful!


Get in touch

For more information about any of the above services or for a no-obligation quote, contact me today.





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