All-time top 5 posts about bids and tenders

Can’t choose? Here are my most read or shared posts of all time:

1. Top Tips – Responding to Tenders

First published on my old site way back when, moved over to in 2010 and refreshed in 2017, this is the all-time most read post on my site. ‘Often imitated, never duplicated’, as they say šŸ˜‰

2. Where to find tenders – a list

Coming in second is a post from December 2016, rounding up a lot (but by no means all!) of the places small businesses can find UK public sector tenders to apply for.

3. Finding opportunities – how to use TED (Tenders Electronic Daily)

From 2014 (and probably due for an update *makes note in schedule*) my guide to TED, the onlineĀ supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

4. What happens when the bid writer bids for a contract?

Proving that no one is ever guaranteed a win, no matter how much tender experience and expertise they have, this post from early 2017 is dedicated to you, my dear clients.

5. Pre-election purdah and tendering

Originally posted in 2015, this one had a bit of a comeback in 2017, what with all the election and Brexit shenanigans.

And my personal favourite:

To bid or not to bid? How to work out which tenders are right for your business

Back soon with more posts – if there’s anything about tendering you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comments.

– Lyndsey



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