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Introducing: UK Bid Writer

I’m happy to announce that, after much umming and aahing, I now have a new name for my bid writing business: UK Bid Writer. As names go, dynamic it ain’t. But it does what it says on the tin. For the time being, not much will change. Within the next few days, I’ll point […]
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Bid writing, coaching, training and more for 2017

It’s only March, yet so far, 2017 has proven to be a bit of a bonkers year – and shows no sign of stopping. Around here, while bid writing remains the bedrock of my business, I’ve been poking my fingers into a few other pies. So, what’s new?
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ITT – Clinical Systems Programme

Following a comprehensive evaluation of past bids to identify areas for improvement, I undertook a consultative role during the preparation of a highly complex and extensive clinical IT systems bid. Evaluating and reviewing over 1,000 individual answers, I also provided guidance and support to the client’s team throughout the project.
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8 Steps to Ace Project Management

Managing any project, large or small, can seem a daunting task. Where do you start? Where do you finish? What do you do in between? How can you keep on top of it all? Will it all go to plan? The answer to that last question is ‘yes’, but only if you have a plan. […]
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Top Tips – Responding to Tenders

Tenders can seem daunting and sometimes incomprehensible. Never fear: These tips – gathered from my own experience on both sides of the tender minefield – will help you make sense of the jargon, understand the lengthy list of ‘rules’ and give you the confidence to bid for contracts.
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Who’s talking about your business over the digital garden fence?

I’m not known for a willingness to venture outdoors, especially if it involves shopping. I like being a bit of a hermit, I’m comfortable with it and I get out and about enough to not be completely socially inept. I meet a lot of people through business and, being ‘INTP‘, I like to recharge at […]
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