PQQ – Disabled Facilities Improvements Framework

PQQ – Disabled Facilities Improvements Framework


This small contractor specialises in the installation and improvement of domestic disabled facilities. They had been working on the council’s on-going improvement scheme for over a decade on un-tendered contracts. However, the council now needed the company to formally tender for several contracts to remain on the framework.

The company knew their work inside out but lacked experience in putting together PQQ documentation. This led to one failed PQQ and there were still two more to submit with only two and half days left until deadline.

Using the recommendations given with the failed PQQ and the weightings and guidance provided, I was able to pinpoint several areas for improvement for the next two PQQs. To save time, I created a comprehensive list of necessary information for the client to gather while I worked on developing supporting documentation to strengthen the response further and provide additional evidence of their capabilities and capacity. The client sent through list items as and when they became available, allowing me to construct clear responses from the information given.

Both PQQs and the supporting information pack were completed the afternoon prior to the deadline, so the client could print, package and deliver the documents to the council in good time.

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