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ITT – Heating Refurbishment Framework

ITT – Heating Refurbishment Framework


This company needed to re-tender for their existing place on the council’s framework. There was plenty of historical evidence as to their capabilities and in fact, the company had worked closely with the council over several years to improve and develop the refurbishment programme. However, the company were wise enough not to take any existing relationships for granted and wanted to submit a really competitive ITT to ensure they retained the work.

The ITT’s emphasis on communication procedures and benchmarking was evidenced by solid record-keeping and the company’s commitment to environmental targets was demonstrated using real data and a number of written policies in line with government objectives. The qualitative element of the ITT was comprised of 6 key areas, with each sub-question allowed just one page.

The result was a tightly written document that highlighted the company’s value to the council and its commitment to improving residents’ quality of life.

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