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ITT – National Cyclical Decorating Framework

ITT – National Cyclical Decorating Framework


This painting and decorating firm had passed the PQQ for this contract but wanted to ensure the ITT was as comprehensive and relevant as possible due to the competitive nature of the bid.

As the contract was for a national housing association, great emphasis was put on the community liaison aspect of the work and on generating employment opportunities within each regional lot. Although the company had worked with this HA for many years in one region, they realised that larger firms would be bidding for work across several regions. It was therefore imperative that the benefits of the local nature of their work and employment strategy be showcased as well as it could be.

I researched both national guidelines and local demographics, which allowed me to tailor the bid to reflect a realistic but positive commitment to improving local social and economic opportunities, while historic data provided strong evidence of the company’s ability to meet and exceed the targets of the actual refurbishment works.

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