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Approved Supplier List – Leisure Facilities

Approved Supplier List – Leisure Facilities


This tiny specialist leisure facilities contractor had already been working with the Main Building Contractor for several years, when it was asked to provide a wealth of information in order to be included on their approved supplier list for one of their own large contracts.

The main focus was Health and Safety information. Companies with 5 or less employees are not expected to maintain the extensive records that larger firms are obliged to. With just 6 staff, the company was duty bound to provide the same level of information as a massive organisation, yet they had little experience in producing the type of policy and procedural documentation that would enable them to gain a place on the list. Understandably, they were overwhelmed by the request.

Standard policies and procedures were drawn up which reflected the size of the company but which would allow them to maintain records on an on-going basis. The company also brought in an independent Health and Safety advisor to help them work towards gaining certification in the future.

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