Download Business Link’s entire guide to public sector tendering in one handy PDF!

Download Business Link’s entire guide to public sector tendering in one handy PDF!

More useful stuff related to public sector tendering, in the form of a handy PDF:


This contains all the relevant guidance and advice Business Link provide relating to tendering in one document, with active links to further information on their site and elsewhere.

Or you can print it off and spend this sunny summer weekend under a tree, Pimms in hand, smugly increasing your knowledge of tender processes, while your competitors trudge round garden centres and visit DIY sheds.


Did you know that by registering on the Business Link website, you can create individual PDFs from your own choice of the various guides and information? Neither did I, until recently. You can also personalise them, not by much admittedly, but just enough to give it a title and label it with your own company name. This might be handy if you’re creating a number of themed guidance docs to give to your staff.

I haven’t bothered, as I want it to be clear that this is really just information related to tendering that I’ve ‘curated’ out of the vast repository of guidance that Business Link makes available to all.

My previous life as a graphic designer renders me a little twitchy at the layout of the docs – some page breaks between sections would be nice. But that’s just me being petty – other than that it’s pretty useful!

The terms & conditions Business Link set out in order for people to use and share all their info oblige me to make you aware that content is current at the time of publishing only and that you should make sure to check for any amends/changes to legislation/updates etc. if you intend to base your business practices on the guidance they offer. A fair point and sensible advice.





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