ITT – Neighbourhood Environmental Improvements

ITT – Neighbourhood Environmental Improvements

This small, family-run business was already subcontracted to deliver some of the services this tender required to the prime contractor for the current contract. They were specifically requested to tender for prime contractor status by the ALMO (Arms Length Management Organisation) procuring the new contract.

A win would allow the client to grow their business substantially, delivering an expanded range of services within their community and offering even more employment, apprenticeships and training to local people. As exciting as this opportunity was, to win it, the client had to prove they really could make such a leap as well as offer something more than the current, larger suppliers could.

Having developed a professional and easy-going relationship with the client, I was able to draw out through conversation what made their company special and what they could offer the community that no one else could.

The resulting tender response not only hit every mark for delivery against specification but showcased in a number of ways the valuable and effective influence the company had with the local community, tipping the balance heavily in their favour.

Winning this contract allowed the company to expand their own business and have an even greater positive impact on the local area.