ITT – Regional Duty Solicitor Provision

ITT – Regional Duty Solicitor Provision

A complex and highly competitive ITT, this tender was beset by legal challenges due to its controversial objective to reshape the delivery of duty solicitor provision across England. Over 17 months, I worked closely with the client to develop a response that would not only enable them to retain their current contract but increase their service provision throughout the region they serve.

The tender process itself was halted via a last minute injunction and restarted after several judgements through the courts; during this time, it was unclear what the impact of any changes to the ITT might be.

A win for this client was crucial; losing their existing contract could put the firm in danger of closure. Together, we needed to find a balance between offering the security and assurance of a traditional legal firm and demonstrating the value of modern and innovative methods of service delivery.

Ultimately, their tender response beat numerous, larger and longer established bidders, gaining the client a massive increase in coverage and providing them with the means to expand their company from a small partnership to a firm with significant status among their clients and peers.

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