ITT – NHS Framework – Clinical Staffing

ITT – NHS Framework – Clinical Staffing

This recently established clinical staffing company had no experience of tendering and wanted to secure a place on a large and complex NHS framework to deliver a number of lots.

As well as the written ITT submission, each supplier would also be audited by the organisation to ensure that all of their processes and policies were up to date and in line with current legislation.

Working closely with the company’s director, I advised on necessary updates to business procedures and ensured all policy documents were legally sound and reflected both the company’s and NHS requirements.

As a relatively young business, it was also important to effectively and accurately demonstrate the company’s financial stability and access to vital resources.

All of this information then needed to be submitted via numerous complex ITT response questionnaires within the online portal.

The client passed both the written ITT and the audit and was awarded a place on the framework. As well as increasing the client’s revenue, the client now holds a stronger position within their overall market and they are now seeking further frameworks and contracts to continue their business growth.

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