Workshop: Defining ‘social value’

Workshop: Defining ‘social value’

Workshop: Defining ‘social value’

What is it and how can it give smaller companies the edge?

Following the positive response to my post ‘What is social value and how can it give smaller companies the edge when tendering?‘, I’ll be running workshops throughout 2019.

Each workshop will be delivered and facilitated by Lyndsey Michaels Wray, bid writer, consultant and trainer with 20 years’ tendering experience, and will generally* be a half day consisting of:

  • ‘Understanding social value’: This presentation will explain what social value is and what it isn’t, in the context of tendering for goods and service contracts. It will demonstrate how your company can use social value to gain the edge over larger, corporate bidders.
  • ‘Clarifying existing social value’: The first group session will examine what your company already contributes to the local social and economic environment, through your day to day business functions, supply chain and community, and how this can be translated into significant point-scoring.
  • ‘Identifying further social value’: The second group session will look for further opportunities to increase the social value your company can offer to contracting authorities.
  • ‘Demonstrating your social value credentials’: This short presentation and Q&A session will show you how to effectively present the social value your company offers within your tender responses, so that it is clear to contracting authorities and scores maximum points.

Who is this workshop for?

Since the introduction of the Social Value Act in early 2013, more and more contracting authorities are asking bidders for detailed explanations and evidence of how their business provides or helps to improve social value in their area.

This workshop will be suitable for:

  • SMEs in any sector or industry, as part of your away day itinerary or held separately as a standalone function.
  • Business groups/networks for SMEs, who want to offer their members truly constructive and worthwhile learning opportunities.
  • Council/contracting organisation supplier days, especially where social value is a key element of the organisation’s aims and objectives.

How to book

Workshops can be held at your premises or choice of external venue on agreed dates.

Please contact Lyndsey to discuss your requirements and costs.

*Standard workshops can be customised to suit your organisation’s requirements and can also be combined with other workshops, coaching and training offered by UK Bid Writer, to make sure they meet your exact needs.





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