Workshop: To bid or not to bid?

Workshop: To bid or not to bid?

Workshop: To bid or not to bid?

Developing a strategy to find the right tenders for your business

Even with contracting authorities’ stated commitments towards helping more SMEs tender for more contracts there are still a great number of hurdles for bidders to cross, and some of them are not obvious until you’ve already invested time, money and resources into pulling a bid together.

It’s also essential that you choose contracts that your business can realistically uphold and that fit your company’s short, medium- and long-term goals.

Having a clear idea of the types of contracts that are worth bidding on can mean the difference between proactively building and maintaining the business you want, versus ending up with a business shaped predominately by outside factors.

Workshop profile

Each workshop will be delivered and facilitated by Lyndsey Michaels Wray, bid writer, consultant and trainer with almost 30 years’ experience working with UK SMEs, including over 20 years in tendering, and will generally* be a half day consisting of:

  • ‘What is a bid/no bid strategy?’: This introductory presentation will explain why it’s important to have a strategy, how it can save you time and money in both the short and long term and what you will need to consider, to make it both realistic and goal focused.
  • ‘Identifying your company’s deal breakers’: The first group session will examine typical deal breakers, common to many businesses, as well as the specific deal breakers for your company. It will also examine when and why some ‘lines in the sand’ could be redrawn depending on the contract.
  • ‘Identifying contracting authorities’ deal breakers’: The second group session will look at typical pass/fail benchmarks put in place by contracting authorities. It will also help you identify which of those you can’t currently meet and examine ways you could work towards improvement in those areas.
  • ‘Making your strategy work’: This short presentation and Q&A session will show you how to embed this new strategy within your business processes, making the decision to bid or not to bid quick, simple and reliable.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be suitable for:

  • SMEs in any sector or industry, as part of your away day itinerary or held separately as a standalone function.
  • Business groups/networks for SMEs, who want to offer their members truly constructive and worthwhile learning opportunities.
  • Council/contracting organisation supplier days, especially where there are or may be specific restrictions, or where the organisation’s aims and objectives favour certain experience, qualifications or other pass/fail benchmarks.

How to book

Workshops can be held at your premises or choice of external venue on agreed dates.

Please contact Lyndsey to discuss your requirements and costs:

*Standard workshops can be customised to suit your organisation’s requirements and can also be combined with other workshops, coaching and training offered by UK Bid Writer, to make sure they meet your exact needs.



To bid or not to bid? How to work out which tenders are right for your business – UK Bid Writer
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